MOTOROLA Universal Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse – pc use – missing backslash

I bought a Motorola droid bluetooth keyboard which is supposed to be for a mobile phone or tablet (Xoom) but it has no backslash on it which is annoying when you connect it to a pc (which obviously you can or I would not be writing this. No really, I am using it to write this).

motorola bluetooth keyboard

Now this is no ordinary 103 key QUERTY keyboard. I wanted a small, black, pretty, and quality hideaway keyboard for a Windows 8 box that I use with a TV in the bedroom. Most of the time the pc gets used for NETFLIX but sometimes gaming and a bit of surfing. It’s plugged in to a 40 inch LED TV so it is kind of cool, especially when you factor in the specs. The pc is a tiny Gigabite Brix that is about 4 inches square and an inch tall with 16GB memory and 250GB SSD. Its a great gaming rig for Asphalt 8, ideal for Netflix and it boots into windows from cold in about 3 seconds. It shuts down in about the same time too.

Anyway, digression over. The keyboard is normally tucked away in a draw or under the telly so I wanted a small Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and opted for the Motorola Droid.

Its great but does not have a backslash. Here’s how to get one….


Find and hold “Alt Gr” to the right of the SPACE bar and click the # key (also has the pipe “|” character on it). That’s it!

Another top tip is the Euro symbol – €

To get this also use the “Alt Gr” key in combination with the $ key.


Now this may not be a SQL or code tip but if like me you like your gadgets and thing a dainty travel size but useful keyboard is a good idea then this could be something that will help you when you use that pc for something other than a bit of gaming. And its always good to know how to get the euro sign up isn’t it.





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I am a contractor for David Bridge Technology Limited specialising in database design and Web development using Microsoft technologies such as c#, MVC .net and SQL Server (full stack)
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2 Responses to MOTOROLA Universal Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse – pc use – missing backslash

  1. k says:

    red `fn` key + single speech mark will give you backslash. alt gr does not work.

    • davidbridge says:

      Thanks for that. Maybe its a different revision of the same keyboard that you have.

      The version I have does as I stated but Motorola may change their design at any time so I appreciate your feedback for others who may have the same version as you.


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