SSAS: Excel Data Connection Wizard missing cube(s)

Have you got missing cubes in your Excel Data Connection Wizard?

A customer noticed this yesterday and had spent all afternoon looking for the issue, rebuilding, deploying, processing, deleting and recreating on the server etc. all to no avail. He even checked the role permissions and anything usual.

Missing cubes in Excel Data Connection Wizard – Check the MEASURE’s VISIBLE property. Not the cube properties or the role

The issue is not the CUBE but the MEASUREs in the cube.

Check the Measures VISIBLE property is not set to FALSE.

In his case it was and that’s why it was not showing. It is not publicised very well on the net so I thought I would stick this post up to help this.

Open the Cube
In the Cube Structure window locate the Measures and select it.
In the Properties you will see a Visible property
Set it to True

Note that you will be able to see the cube in Management Studio but not in Excel.


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4 Responses to SSAS: Excel Data Connection Wizard missing cube(s)

  1. Justyna says:

    My client has exaclty the same symptoms, but all the Visible properties are set to true. Have you come across other reasons for the same problem so far? Thanks in advance.

  2. Linda says:

    I have the same problema but I think that my problema is I have some cubes with same dimensions, where process dimensión in firts cube this cube missing when process dimensions in the second cube. However, I didn’t have this problema before.

  3. sudhir prajapati says:

    I have same problem also. My cube VISIBLE properties is true but still getting same issue.

    • davidbridge says:

      Make sure to check all visible properties set in dimension and cube and don’t forget to process the cube and then reconnect.
      Also when processing the cube perform a FULL process, not an update.

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