Memory configuration on SQL 2008

I have tried running the default configuration on a machine running nothing but SQL Server with 8GB server memory and when the machine is running a large query then SQL uses all of the available memory which is pretty much all of it leaving the OS to cope with what it currently has. If this happens at the moment you decide you want to connect to the machine by remote desktop then you will find the performance is awful for the interactive user. Doing anything as simple as moving a file around will be painful.

On the server I am using (dev server), reporting services is also installed locally so the situation is compounded so I allocate 2GB to the non-sql tasks using the following command.

EXEC sp_configure 'show advanced options', 1

EXEC sp_configure 'max server memory (MB)', 6144

SQL will not immediately grab 6GB here but if it needs lots of memory then this is the max that it can have.




About davidbridge

I am a contractor for David Bridge Technology Limited specialising in database design and Web development using Microsoft technologies such as c#, MVC .net and SQL Server (full stack)
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