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So after starting on computers from the age of about 11 and then working in the industry since the early 90’s I have finally decided that I need a blog. Why

I recently started my own database and software consulting business. This is giving me a wonderful insight in to other people’s businesses and how they use and misuse technology to make money. Making money has always been interesting to me and I love finding out how other people manage it but when I look at what they do with technology I see flaws, things that could be done better, performance and reliability improvements etc. and this gets me interested in how I can help them to achieve their goals.

Sometimes I also see new ways of doing things that I may have been doing myself for years but realise that someone else is doing it better. I love it when this happens because I learn something and life is boring if you aren’t learning something. Look at a baby crawling around investigating its little world. Humans have a natural tendency to want to learn and do this naturally when they are babies but as we grow older we start to become arrogant and believe that we now know everything. Some people do know everything and they are probably the dullest people on the planet because they are no longer learning and are therefore bored of life and this reflects in their personality.

The best place to be seems to be the middle where you can impart your knowledge to others and also learn something yourself.

So here is my blog. A place where I can impart my knowledge on the world and when someone teaches me something new, and I have the time, I can blog it and share it too. I think I like this blogging thing!


About davidbridge

I am a contractor for David Bridge Technology Limited specialising in database design and Web development using Microsoft technologies such as c#, MVC .net and SQL Server (full stack)
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